Across the Globe: Artist Spotlight #1

by Unseen July 26 2018

The galleries have been announced, the artists confirmed, but do you know who’s who? In the weeks leading up to Unseen Amsterdam 2018 we’ll be shining a light on each of the artists represented by the participating galleries. This week we’re starting local, naming and faming the artists represented by seven galleries from the Netherlands.

Flatland Gallery
Flatland Gallery brings an international group of artists to Unseen Amsterdam this year. Alice Browne’s (UK, 1986) work draws on an expanse of influences and materials, describing obscure imaginative spaces. Her new series The Shape of Things to Come, makes use of both the floor and wallspace, adding a different visual language to her paintings. Renowned for his series of reflective, melancholic and humorous narrative works, Italian photographer Paolo Ventura (IT, 1968) will bring one of his small sculptural maquettes to the event, forming the sculptural base for the artworks exhibited on the wall. Flatland Gallery will also bring Erwin Olaf, who is known for addressing social issues, taboos and bourgeois conventions, and Katharine Cooper (ZA, 1978), whose signature black and white portraits bring out the unique and mysterious side of her subjects.

Galerie Alex Daniëls - Reflex Amsterdam
Reflex Amsterdam will present a new body of work from the prolific artist Todd Hido, which was made for his next photo book Bright Black World. Mostly landscapes, Hido’s photos were shot on several Northern locations over the last couple of years, and are inspired by the Nordic myth of the Fimbulvinter, the harsh winter that precedes the end of the world and puts an end to all life on earth. Also exhibiting is Roger Ballen, who will be presenting new works in Polaroid format, constituting the first display of colour images in his entire career; these will also be on sale exclusively at this gallery.

Untitled, from the series Bright Black World, 2017 © Todd Hido_Galerie Alex Daniëls - Reflex Amsterdam_0.jpg

Untitled, from the series Bright Black World, 2017 © Todd Hido/Galerie Alex Daniëls - Reflex Amsterdam  

Galerie Caroline O’Breen
All the artists presented by Galerie Caroline O’Breen at Unseen Amsterdam 2018 are Dutch, female and focused on organic matter. In her recent series, Interwoven, Diana Scherer (DE, 1971) explores her fascination with the dynamics of underground plant parts. She makes the hidden root systems with its subterranean processes visible, and turns them into an artificial textile. Similarly, with the help of photography, Anne Geene (NL, 1983) captures the hidden beauty of plants and animals. Geene investigates, collects and arranges the world around her, looking for visual similarities, patterns and phenomena. Finally, visual artist Carolien Scholtes (NL, 1958) who turned to photography in 2008 after sustaining brain damage, will bring images from the series Dear Mr. Schwitters, which begins a dialogue with the deceased Kurt Schwitters.

St. Serapion with lilac censer, from the series Dear Mr. Schwitters, 2016 © Carolien Scholtes:Galerie Caroline O'Breen _0.jpg

St. Serapion with lilac censer, from the series, Dear Mr. Schwitters, 2016 © Carolien Scholtes/Galerie Caroline O'Breen 

Galerie Ron Mandos
Galerie Ron Mandos brings Girma Berta (ET, 1990) to Unseen Amsterdam for the first time, whose images delve into the soul of Ethiopian urban life, offering his remarkable interpretation. In his series Moving Shadows, solitary figures are juxtaposed and set against a large field of a single colour, balancing on the verge of urban life photography and conceptualism. Finally, artist Jan Hoek (NL, 1984) exhibits his recent series Boda Boda Madness (2018) created in collaboration with Ugandan-Kenyan fashion designer Bobbin Case.

Feature imageThe Silent City, 2018 © Paolo Ventura/Flatland Gallery

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