Eva O'Leary wins Outset Unseen Exhibition Fund 2018!

by Unseen September 21 2018

Congratulations to Eva O’Leary on winning the Outset Unseen Exhibition Fund 2018! This award is an annual partnership between Unseen and Outset NL that provides an institutional platform for emerging talent in contemporary photography. An international curatorial committee comprising of Melanie Bühler (Curator of Contemporary Art, Frans Hals Museum), Rodrigo Orrantia (Art Historian and Curator and Creative Director of Champion Photobooks) and Marina Paulenka (Artistic Director, Organ Vida) select an artist exhibiting at Unseen Amsterdam who has never before had a solo exhibition in a museum in the Netherlands. The artist is awarded a solo exhibition at Foam in spring 2019.

You can see Eva’s work this weekend at Unseen Amsterdam 2018 at the ING Unseen Talent Award Exhibition and at the Fair, with Meyohas.

Eva O'Leary on winning the award:
"I am still processing the whole thing. It is great. It is wonderful.”

Emilia Van Lynden, Artistic Director of Unseen:
"I am thrilled by our sixth winner of the fund - I believe this artist really embodies what Unseen stands for, and I think the gallery is along the trajectory of supporting both younger artists and heightening the presence of young galleries."

Marina Paulenka, Artistic Director, Organ Vida:
"Eva's work is very focused. She explores feminist themes and identity politics, and it's very important that someone is dealing with these topics in America."

Image: Eva O'Leary, Outset Unseen Exhibition Fund announcement, 2018 © Almichael Fraay