Aando Fine Art

Germany, Berlin

Aando Fine Art was founded by Korean gallerist Wonkyung Byun in March 2009. The gallery in Berlin presents artworks in a variety of media including photography, painting, installation, video and sculpture. 

The gallery's programme includes predominantly contemporary art from Asia and Europe, representing internationally renowned as well as emerging artists. In this way, the gallery brings together different worlds in Berlin, bridging the distance between East and West through the medium of art.


ARTISTS 2015 : KDK, Kim Boske, Markus Brunetti

ARTISTS 2014 : KDK (Dokyun KIM), Kim Boske, Osang Gwon, Tilman Peschel

ARTISTS 2013 :Kim Boske, Bien-U Bae, Tilman Peschel, Hong Chun Park

ARTISTS 2012 : Kim Boske, Bien-U Bae, Osang Gwon, Tilman Peschel, Chan-Hyo Bae