East Wing

Qatar, Doha Stand 17

East Wing was founded in Doha, Qatar in 2012 and opened an exhibition space in Dubai in 2014, with the aim of developing an international platform, raising new dialogues on photography, keeping a keen eye on innovated artistic practice. East Wing presents contemporary photographic projects from all around the globe, presenting the brightest emerging and established artists. Our projects trigger curiosity and enlighten, while reflecting on and challenging existing viewpoints. East Wing also provides important supports in the development of meaningful collections for those with a passion for photography, video and unique publications. 

ARTISTS 2018: Arko Datto, Sanne de Wilde

ARTISTS 2017: Sara, Peter and Tobias

ARTISTS 2016: Caleb Charland, Yann Mingard, Mandy Barker, Maija Tammi

ARTISTS 2015: Christto & Andrew

ARTISTS 2014: Jules Spinatsch, Regine Petersen, Robert Zhao Renhui, Yann Mingard

ARTISTS 2013: Mari Bastashevski, Philippe Dudouit, Phil Toledano, Tiane Doan na Champassak

ARTISTS 2012: AM Projects, Masood Kamandy