Martin van Zomeren

The Netherlands, Amsterdam #47

Janis Rafa deals with notions of mortality, mourning and the melancholy of nature in her moving image works. This Thin Crust of Earth stages the burial of a tree. A living tree is extracted from the ground and is placed horizontally inside a hole in the earth. Then it is buried fully underground in the spot as it was once rooted. The artist converts the physical presence of the tree from vertical to horizontal, distancing it further from the land’s surface in an act that reconfigures our perception of the given landscape.

Martin van Zomeren was founded in 2004 in Amsterdam and is located in the heart of the city. The gallery focuses on international artists who showcase their work in a wide range of international exhibitions and institutions.

The gallery is very active in participating in art fairs, both in Europe and internationally.

ARTISTS 2016. Katja Mater, Anne de Vries, Navid Nuur

ARTISTS 2015: Alexandra Leykauf, Anne de Vries, Katja Mater

ARTISTS 2013: Alexandra Leykauf, Katja Mater, Maurice Scheltens & Liesbeth Abbenes

ARTISTS 2012: Katja Mater, Alexandra Leykauf, Maurice Scheltens & Liesbeth Abbenes