ING Unseen Talent Award: Laurianne Bixhain

by Unseen September 05 2016

Image credit:
M, 2016 © Laurianne Bixhain

Laurianne Bixhain was born in 1987 in Wiltz, Luxembourg. She received a BA and an MFA from the School of Fine Arts, Bordeaux and completed a Meisterschülerstudium in photography under the supervision of Prof. Heidi Specker at the Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig. Her upcoming projects include her exhibition in the frame of the European Month of Photography, Berlin. She recently received the Bourse d'aide à la création et à la diffusion en photographie from the Centre National de l'Audiovisuel (CNA), Luxembourg and has participated in residencies in Chicago, Manchester, Berlin, Athens and Istanbul. She lives and works in Luxembourg and Brussels.

Relation to the theme "Fool for Love"

I am currently working on the meaning of being mobile, our experience surrounded by screens, the reception of digital images, the different types of lighting we are exposed to, the appearance and reflectivity of built surfaces and spaces encountered in the city, the feel of textile materials, the materiality of prints, the sensuality of images, the representation of spaces and the creation of situations marked by uncertainty by means of photographs and their arrangement. The motif of M is a cluster of dismantled vehicle body parts, shot in Manchester. The mat Baryta paper print renders a sensual and haptic feel of the image surface. M is about my relation to technical objects (cameras, cars, etc.), their humanisation, the technical aspect of image production and the pleasure for printed material.

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