Looking Back at the Book Market Book

by Unseen October 03 2017

At this year’s Unseen Book Market, visual artist Jaya Pelupessy delivered a dynamic book making event, creating a thoughtful publication out of publications. Selecting a number of copies presented by publishers participating in the Book Market, Pelupessy conducted a live study on their form, reacting to shapes, lines, colours and other features, combining them with other materials to ultimately manipulate and transform them into new products of reproduction. His resulting work, The Book Market Book, is available to download so that you can print and bind it at home, adding to its makeup on your own! Click here to download the work to add to your photobook library and make your own with the manual here.

The project was supported by Fujifilm Original Photopaper.

Bookmarket_Unseen2017_IrisDuvekot_137.jpgThe Book Market Book, Unseen Book Market 2017 © Iris Duvekot 

About Jaya Pelupessy
Jaya Pelupessy (b. 1989, Netherlands) uses photography to investigate the medium’s status. Central to his work are the processes that lead to autonomous images – an examination of to what extent the process and its visibility strengthens, invalidates, or delivers new autonomous images. Countless ‘loops’ within the artist’s own work emerge, within which reproductions are again reproduced. His work has been shown in multiple museums and galleries, including Foam Amsterdam, and his book SET-PUT-RUN is published by Fw:Books.