Kate Owens

The United Kingdom, London L A Noble Gallery

Kate Owens was born in 1972 and studied photography and film at the University of Wales, Newport from 1991 – 1994. Exhibiting in the UK and USA, Owens’ photographs explore many psychological states. Her interest in the use of image and text she metaphorically uses the cultivated natural world to create unconventional narratives to explore different mental states of being. Her artist book ‘Schizophrenia’ is also part of The Tate Collection. Owens’ series ’28 Day Flower Diary’ couples 28 diary entries with flower bouquets, which are constructed through a long physical, analogue and digital process. Owens grew many of the flowers herself, photographing each one at least 100 times - amassing a huge ‘flower library’ - from which her bouquets are ‘picked’ and placed virtually in space or a vase.