Unseen 2015: Unseen Event Cologne

by Unseen March 19 2015

An evening highlighting Unseen Photo Fair and contemporary photography took place in Cologne on Wednesday 17 March, organised by Unseen Photo Fair and two Unseen galleries. The evening took place at three different locations, kicking off at the gallery of Mirko Mayer. At Mayer’s gallery, one of his artists, Mia Boysen, gave a short presentation about her newest work, unveiling works from her recent series Vörhang that had never been presented before in a gallery.

After the presentation, the guests made their way to Kaune, Posnik, Spohr Gallery to the exhibition of Roxanne Lowits. Here Michael Kaune gave a short introduction of the works presented after which the guests were given the chance to view the works made in the 1970s and 1980s.

The final location of the evening was the Salon Suite of the Qvest Hotel located next to Kaune, Posnik, Spohr Gallery. The spectacular neo-Gothic hotel complemented by a mixture of modern design pieces welcomed a large varied group for the Unseen Presentation. A mix of local collectors, gallerists, professionals and journalists were present at the first of many events organised in the lead up to Unseen 2015. The event was a tremendous success and we would like to say a special thank you to Mia Boysen, Mirko Mayer, Michael Kaune for making this event possible.

Mia Boysen at Mirko Mayer Galerie © Jennifer Barcanec