Unseen Dummy Sessions

by Unseen April 09 2019

Celebrating the launch of the Rebecca Fertinel's photobook UBUNTU published by Lecturis, as the winner of Unseen Dummy Award 2018, Unseen offers an educational programme dedicated to dummy-making!

Photographers and designers are welcome to join Unseen Dummy Sessions, a series of educational meetings. Mediators, designers and past jurors of Unseen Dummy Award will come together to talk about their practice, spotlighting a few photobook cases, and give feedback on participants’ dummies and book funding proposals. Whatever stage of production you are at – be it a stack of photographs or an almost complete maquette – all participants are welcome to bring their works for comment.

4th May / 11:00am -18:00pm
Design Session with -SYB- (Sybren Kuiper)

5th May / 11:00am -16:00pm
Funding Proposal Session 
with Taco Hidde Bakker & Frank van der Stok

Both sessions will take place at: 
Unseen Amsterdam Studio, 
Keizersgracht 520-H, 1017EK, Amsterdam

Instructors will begin with their own practice, zooming into a number of cases. The day will be followed by collective reviewing of participants' dummies in the case of the Design Session. This includes a one hour break for lunch. The instructor will give detailed feedback on each project and participants will be welcome to share their thoughts and recommendations. Funding Proposal Session will focus on a selected number of proposals-in-progress by participants, pre-selected for this occasion.

The deadline to sign up for workshops is 12:00 (CEST) on the 22nd of April. Tickets are available on a first-come-first-serve basis as there are only 10 spaces available for each event, so please apply early to avoid disappointment.

The fee per workshop is: €70 (excl. VAT) for the Design Session and €50 (excl. VAT) for the Funding Proposal Session.

Snacks and light refreshments will be provided on location and Unseen will issue a certificate of participation in our educational program.

Submit your application here: bit.ly/DummyWorkshop

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at dummyaward@unseenplatform.com


The launch of UBUNTU and the exhibition by Rebecca Fertinel will take place at Melkweg Expo on the 3rd of May. More information can be found here: https://www.melkweg.nl/nl/agenda/Ubuntu/ 


Speakers' Bios

-SYB- is always looking for new ways to transform the reading of a (photo)book into an experience. Apart from a strong approach to editing/sequencing and a keen eye for the use of text, he utilizes all the physical possibilities and characteristics of the book format itself, sometimes deceptively simple, sometimes neglecting and stretching the boundaries of bookmaking.


Taco Hidde Bakker works as a writer, translator, editor, researcher and lecturer and as sparring partner for artists. Bakker's writings about art and photography have been published in catalogues and artist’s books, and in magazines as Camera Austria International, Foam Magazine, EXTRA, British Journal of Photography, The PhotoBook Review, Objektiv, and others. His first volume of essays (and other writings about photography and art), The Photograph That Took the Place of a Mountain, was published by Fw:Books in 2018.


Frank van der Stok is a curator, editor, tutor, advisor and author. His current main activity is to be involved as an editor/curator in all levels of the whole process of bookmaking, from the initial editorial and conceptual set-up, via managing, coördinating and curating the content development and the funding, to the final execution and positioning of the artist’ book as a coherent and dense form of representing one’s artistic output with the highest degree of meaningful (visual) significance.