Unseen x Moyee Coffee

by Unseen September 19 2017

Throughout a range of industries, sustainable business models are increasingly becoming a necessary standard, and many companies are employing artists to assist in spreading awareness about their causes through visual storytelling. Photographers and other image makers are commissioned to create original content that acts as an extension of their own artistic practice while simultaneously bringing light to issues in contemporary business and their relevant communities. One such company is FairChain coffee brand Moyee Coffee, who is a partner at this year’s Unseen Amsterdam, serving fresh coffee on site and out of their own coffee truck located on the grounds.

In the spring of 2016 Moyee partnered with photographer Jan Hoekwho travelled to Ethiopia to create the Faces of FairChain campaign, resulting in a series of playful images grounded in the photographer’s amusing stylings. Though humorous, the images present a critical analysis of FairChain’s mandate to improve the lives of their employees in a series of theatrical portraits coupled with quotes that address the economic trade-offs that result from establishing a FairChain brand. The campaign is an impressive reminder of the importance of transparency in the corporate realm, revealing how artists are best suited to take on the role of navigator on the road to corporate responsibility. Unseen is delighted about the continued partnership with Moyee, whose dedication to emerging artists reflects our own mandate.

Jan Hoek has presented his work at Unseen Amsterdam at our previous instalments, and is also a member of this year’s participating collective Charles Goes to Arles

Photo: © Jan Hoek